RMBvirTUAL focus is simple: develop strong internal structures to create a stronger practice with effective external marketing.

Cosmetic PRactice Consulting

Internal Structure. Getting leads is only half the job.....you must convert them.
You may feel that you convert 100% of your contacts, but is that a "feeling" or can you show data that backs this information. Many surgeons do no collect all contacts. Sometimes we have to evaluate and adjust the practice internally to get the best conversion. All surgeons want to get the most for the dollars they spend. Spending money on advertising, seminars and website development is only a profitable "doorway" if you have the surgeon and staff that are trained to convert the contacts that are generated.

How do you consider what you need in consultants

Consultants vary in expertise. Some are specific to cosmetic/plastic surgery practices while others are general in focus and usually broad in expertise. Both can provide opportunities to your practice. Taylor your approach based upon what you need. Once you outline your goals, you will be better equipped to interview and hire what you need.



Cross-Selling the Medical Spa. In an effort to build your medical spa the reception staff should be knowledgeable about basic services and products. As patients are waiting for medical services they may inquire about the medical spa (especially if they see “buttons” on the staff, or pamphlets and displays in the waiting area).  While the experts continue to be your aestheticians, the reception staff should always be an extension of them ready to sell or answer basic questions at any time. This is a great inexpensive way to further grow your medical spa.


Practice consulting services include:

  • Review of practice structure and integration with cosmetic services
  • Review and development of cosmetic  goals with timeline
  • Staff assesment and training
  • Develop and implement processes for cosmetic growth
  • Develop marketing materials including various rack cards, postcards, newspaper advertisements  and presentations
  • Photography review and staff training
  • Software review and selection guidance
  • EMR implementation and coordination
  • Development and implementation of electronic newsletter
  • Production of both major and mini seminars

Service Options

Commitment Services

  • Includes all of the above services
  • Requires 1-2 days on site every 30-60 days
  • Non-compete in your target market

 Individual Services (cost per service)

  • 2-day onsite practice review with follow-up detailed analysis and suggested strategies for cosmetic growth and optimization
  • Development of specific marketing materials